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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) troubleshooting and balances retrieving

I'm trying to send a BCH transaction and I always get a "transaction invalid" error

If you use a Nano S or a Blue, make sure that you opened the Bitcoin Cash application on your device, not the BTC one. You must use the Bitcoin Cash app each time you wish to transact on the BCH chain.

Refer to this guide


After I split my BCH, my BTC balance is wrong.

It is a temporary display issue.
Just reset the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome Application to display all your operations and balance by clicking on Settings -> Tools -> Reset app data

I sent my BTC to the BCH Split Chain

You can refer to this FAQ 


My Bitcoin Cash wallet doesn't open

You can refer to this FAQ to know how to manage your Bitcoin Cash wallet. If it doesn't open, check that:

  • you use the Bitcoin Cash application on your Nano S or Blue, not the Bitcoin one
  • you have disabled the "browser support" option in the settings of this Bitcoin Cash application
  • you do not have another application (like Electrum, Bitcoin Core, or any other software) opened on your computer