How to install and use the Bitcoin Chrome application | Ledger

How to install and use the Bitcoin Chrome application

To make Bitcoin transactions with Ledger, you need:


Once these apps are installed, to open your Bitcoin account, just:

  1. Launch the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin application on your computer
  2. Connect your device, enter your PIN code
  3. open your Bitcoin application on the device itself (only required with a  Nano S or a Blue)
  4. Disable the "Browser support" setting of this application (only required with a  Nano S or a Blue)
  5. Launch the Bitcoin Chrome app on your computer and select the Bitcoin chain (if you want to know what the other chains are for, please consult this article about the Bitcoin fork)
  6. Select "Legacy" if you want to use the historic Bitcoin branch, or "Segwit" if you want to use the branch released in August 2017. If you do not know which branch to select, consult this article.
  7. Your Bitcoin wallet opens

This application is an account manager, where you can send and receive Bitcoin transactions and check your balance.

The only way to open it is to connect your Ledger device and enter your PIN code. Without the device, the app won't launch. With Nano S and Blue, you also need to open the Bitcoin app on your device.

For each sending transaction, your application will ask you to verify your transaction. On Nano S and Blue, this authentication is directly made on your device screen. On Nano and HW.1, this authentication is made with your Security card or the Ledger Authenticator.


The Bitcoin Chrome application updates automatically, you don't have anything to do. Each time Ledger releases an update, it will be synced after a few hours on your computer. If you want to force an update to the latest version, just restart Chrome.

If your Bitcoin app doesn't open, please consult this article.