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Blue troubleshooting

I can't get the device recognized by the Chrome app

Make sure that you have launched the Bitcoin app (or any other crypto app) on the device: the Chrome app will sync to your wallet only after the selection of the desired coin on the Blue.

If it still doesn't work, make sure that "browser support" is disabled in the settings of the coin's app.

Make sure that you are using a full USB cable and not a charging cable (use the cable that was shipped with your Nano S, it has a Ledger logo on it).

Also, you maye have other applications trying to access your USB device (such as the Trezor Bridge). Make sure all these apps have been closed.

The screen of the Blue is white, and the device is not responding

Press the power button for 8 seconds. This will hard reboot the device and it should go back to normal operations.

The Blue is not charging, but it's connected all the time!

The Blue has a hardware design issue: once it's fully charged, it will start to run on the battery (and not the USB energy). The Blue will then discharge until the battery gets fully depleted. The only way to restart the charge cycle is to disconnect/reconnect the USB cable.

A simple way to avoid running into this issue is to keep your Blue offline and connect it only when you need to access your accounts.