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Firmware upgrade & application manager

How to update your firmware

The Ledger Manager is a Chrome application built to update your Nano S firmware and to install or remove the applications on the Nano S itself.

Here are step by step instructions to update your firmware:

Make sure that you have in your possession the 24-word backup you copied in your Recovery sheet when you initialized your device. Updating the firmware will wipe your accounts and you will have to recover them, thanks to this backup.

Do not attempt a firmware update without your backup available.

  • Install the Ledger Manager (requires Chrome browser or Chromium), and launch it

  • Connect your Nano S, enter your PIN, and stay on the dashboard

  • Within the Ledger Manager application (on your PC), select the "Firmwares" tab on the left column, and click on the "Install" green button on the right (see picture below)

The Nano S will ask you for confirmation: 


  • Confirm the update on your Nano S (you can check version and fingerprint)
  • Wait until the end of the installation of the new firmware. This step may last from few seconds to several minutes.

  • Do not unplug the device and wait until the "Welcome" message appears.
  • Your Nano S is flashed, and you need now to recover your configuration (PIN and seed) - select the cross icon (left button) on the "Configure as new device ?" prompt to do that

  • Once your device is ready, you must now reinstall the apps you wish to use. Go to to the Applications tab on the Manager, and for each app you wish to install click on the green bottom arrow icon.

  • Your device is now ready and up to date!