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I want to know more about Ledger

Ledger enables secure blockchain applications for enterprises, industrials and consumers. We provide endpoint security solutions for PCs, smartphones, servers and IoT devices. We are a French startup with offices in Paris, Vierzon and San Francisco. You can see more about us on our corporate website.

Where are the products made?

All Ledger's products are designed and assembled in France and Asia. We have our own assembly lines located in the center of France (Vierzon). We favour local suppliers when possible (injection molding, metal works...).

Is Ledger somehow like a bank?

Absolutely not. If the functional usage of the Ledger Wallet can be seen as a banking application, there is one major difference : Ledger never holds any of your crypto-currencies. The Ledger Wallet is just software built on a piece of hardware. Therefore Ledger is not at all subject to any kind of financial regulation. We are not in any case custodian of your assets.

Can Ledger have access to my bitcoins?

Absolutely not. Ledger will never have any knowledge of your master seed, private or public. Wallets are sold empty, and an initialization process is required to be done by the user to generate the private keys. This process is done locally and will not send any information to our servers. The Chrome application is open source, and its code can be reviewed here.

Where do you ship? How long does it take?

We ship worldwide. We have 5 warehouses in the world: Vierzon (France), Los Angeles (USA), Toronto (Canada), Sydney (Australia) and Hong Kong (China). We offer a multitude of options depending of your destination and your budget. 

What is your privacy/tracking policy?

All wallets are sold with identical firmware, without any serial or tracking information. It is therefore not possible to link your wallet to your shipping address. We cannot, and we absolutely do not want to track any of our customers.

We do not keep nor archive any log of our APIs regarding the use of our wallet applications; All logs used for debuging purpose (sent by users) are destroyed after analysis.

How can I become a reseller of your products?

We welcome all distribution and reselling partners. Please get in touch with our commercial team at We offer attractive bulk and volume prices.

Is it possible to personalize your products?

Yes. Please contact our commercial team at for all options (laser engraving, custom packaging...).

Why is altcoin X not supported?

Ledger has developped solutions for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Adding another coin require three things: the firmware app, the wallet app and the blockchain explorer API. Any third party developer can work on adding support, and we welcome our apps to get forked on Github.

If you wish Ledger to build support for your coin, please contact our commercial team at

What is your return/refund policy?

All our product are assembled in our facility, tested and quality checked. In case of default or malfunction, and if you bought your device on our website, we'll exchange your product for free after you got a "Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA)" number from the Support team.

If you didn't ever open your box, you can be refunded within the European withdrawal period legal delay, as long as you claim it 14 days max after you received your product, and as long as you never opened and used it, in any way. To engage this procedure, contact our support team on the Support widget.

Do you have a roadmap regarding your products?

Our public roadmap is available here.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

You can use this support website to send us a message. Note that we receive thousands of messages each week and even if we make our best to answer to everyone, you won't get an answer before 10 days or more. Most of the time, your answer is somewhere here, in this FAQ...

If you are in Paris, you are welcome to visit our store "La Maison du Bitcoin" located 35 rue du Caire, 75002 Paris. Engineers and sales representative will be happy to assist you.