How to install and use OpenPGP with Ledger? | Ledger

How to install and use OpenPGP with Ledger?

Ledger OpenPGP is an application dedicated to sign encrypted messages through GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG).

This application works on Ledger Nano S, and will soon be implemented on the Ledger Blue. Designed for OpenPGP users, it is classified as a "Developer application" as it requires to know this cryptographic environment and as it is not fully compliant with UI and documentation guidelines.

The private keys used here are not generated by the seed so far. Take care to back them up by yourself. We published an add-on to generate the keys from the seed, but it is still experimental and not fully tested. You can know more about the seeded key generation here.

Using the Ledger OpenPGP application requires:

  1. to use the Ledger Nano S updated to 1.3.1+
    • to know which firmware you run, open the Settings on the Nano S itself and go to Settings > Device > Firmware
    • if you do not run at least 1.3.1, update your device following this guide. Take care to have your 24 words as it will reset your device and wipe your seed.
  2. to use GnuPG to manage PGP

  3. to install the Ledger OpenPGP application on your Ledger device thanks to the Ledger Manager
  4. then follow this tutorial to manage OpenPGP
    This documentation will regularly be improved