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How to transfer XRP to my wallet?

Ripple (XRP) can be managed with Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. Nano and HW.1 support Bitcoin only.

If your device is not initialized go to and follow instructions. Once your device is initialized:

To manage your Ripple tokens, you must have:

  • the Ledger Wallet Ripple desktop application installed on your computer. 
  • the Ripple application installed on your device from the Ledger Manager
If they are not installed, please follow this guide.


(required to receive a payment, or to transfer funds from an Exchange website),

  1. Connect your Ledger device, Nano S or Blue
  2. Enter your PIN code 
  3. Open the Ripple application on this device
  4. Disable the browser support setting of this Ripple application. To do it:
    - scroll with the right button to find the "settings", press both buttons to open them
    - scroll with the right button to find the "browser support", press both buttons to open it
    - select NO by pressing both buttons to disable the browser support
    - tap on the top left menu
    - disable the "browser support" by taping on it to make the slider displayed in grey
  5. Launch the Ledger Wallet Ripple application on your computer
  6. Click on the down arrow (receive), a popup opens
  7. Copy the address which is displayed
  8. Paste this address where you are required to (in the Ripple wallet or exchange service from where you need to send coins to your Ledger wallet)

While receiving payments, your Ledger device can be disconnected as your transactions are tracked on the Blockchain. These transactions will be synchronized on your wallet when you open it.