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How to restore my bitcoins without a Ledger Wallet?

You can recover your wallet from any wallet supporting the standard BIP39 wordlist, BIP32 (Hierarchical Deterministic wallets specifying a generic key derivation method) and BIP44 (specifying how the keys are derived).

The current list of compatible wallets are:

  • The beta version of Multibit HD (installer available at - enter a dummy timestamp (such as "2176/42") and select "Trezor device, Mycelium (BIP44)" for the question "What created these wallet words".
  • On an Android phone, you can use the latest version of Mycelium.
You can also manually generate all keys with the offline version of

Remember to always enter your mnemonic in lowercase - typing it in uppercase would generate a different but valid seed.
Taking an example - your mnemonic is "village lesson virus quote river check ridge garage soft pave grid waste brave stuff feature away imitate rent usage live ozone tomato worry orchard", you'll enter it in the BIP 39 mnemonic field, choose BIP 44 derivation path, and you can list your first public/private keys at the bottom (starting with the first public key 1P1NGhgay8CrHqfnkbXmNUTiPqY5BZDtog), and import all those private keys into a non HD software, such as Armory. You'll also need to generate the keys matching your change addresses, by switching the "External/Internal" field of the BIP44 Derivation field section to "1" and extract those keys the same way.
Here is the step by step instructions to recover your private keys using the BIP39 tool ( :
- In the "BIP39 Mnemonic" field, type your 24 words
- In "number of words", select "24"
- Select "Bitcoin" in "Coin"
- In "Derivation Path > External / Internal", type 0 to access the addresses and private keys meant to "Receive" your coins, and 1 to access the change addresses (see:
- Then, scroll to "Derived Addresses" : you will see all the calculated addresses and corresponding private keys.