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How to use Zcash with your Ledger?

The Ledger Nano S and The Ledger Bue manage Zcash coin. 

The Nano and the HW.1 don't support Zcash.

Zclassic and Zencash are not supported: you can only manage Zcash coins on Ledger's products. 


To create and launch your Zcash wallet:

1. install the Bitcoin (and altcoin) application on your computer via your Google Chrome browser

2. install the Zcash application on your device via the Ledger Manager

3. Once these apps are installed, to open your Zcash account:

  • Open your Zcash application on the device itself
  • Disable the "Browser support" setting of this application on the Ledger device Litecoin > Settings > Browser Support > NO (press both buttons on the Nano S, tap on the Blue)
  • Launch the Bitcoin Chrome app on the Chrome or Chromium browser on your computer
  • The wallet synchronizes and opens

For each sending transaction, the Ledger device will ask you to verify the details of your transaction (amount, fees, address) before confirming. Press right button on the Nano S, tap on the Blue.

Zcash works on the Bitcoin wallet as they are both tracked on the same blockchain.