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What if I receive coins from mining activities on my hardware wallet?

If you have mining activities and receive multiple small payments, also called "dust payments", on your hardware wallet, it can saturate the synchronization of your Blockchain transactions, and cause an unexpected length during every validation or verification processes. This issue is due to the unexpected number of small unspent transactions coming from your mining activities that your hardware wallet can hardly achieve to spend all in once. ‚Äč

Hardware wallets are not suited for this kind of transactions. 

Imagine that you have received 1,000 payments of 0.001 BTC. If you want to make a payment of 1 BTC then the chip will have to construct a transaction of 1,000 inputs and sign 1,000 times. Not only it will take a few hours, but you have risks that it will not manage to do it (the chip may get too hot and fault some computation etc).

So if you have multiple small payments on your hardware wallet you hardly achieve to spend, you can try:
- to make smaller transactions to yourself before making a big one
- or to import your 24 words in another wallet like Multibit HD or Mycelium and empty your wallet

Anyhow, you shall not receive multiple small payments anymore in a hardware wallet, otherwise the issue will come again. From now, you should receive these particular coins on another wallet before sending them to your hardware wallet.