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I received Zcash coming from a Z-address on my Ledger wallet, how to recover them?

Ledger hardware wallets are not suited to receive Zcash coming from a Z-address. Our devices only support Zcash the way Bitcoin protocol works. Every feature specific to Zcash not included in the Bitcoin protocol is not yet supported.

If you own Z-address coins anyway, here is a tutorial to recover them. This procedure is a bit long and tedious, most of all to install the Zcash client, so take care now to only receive coins from T-address on your wallet.

  1. Take your Recovery sheet with your 24-word backup
  2. In your browser, go to our Mnemonic Code Converter
  3. Copy carefully the 24 words in the "BIP39 Mnemonic" field, separated by a simple space, without any punctuation mark
  4. Select "Zcash" by scrolling in the "Coin" field
  5. Scrolldown in the page to find the "Derived addresses" below
  6. Select the addresses holding the Z-address coins, and copy the corresponding private keys
  7. Install the Zcash Desktop GUI wallet:
  8. When this Zcash client is fully installed, import the private key you copied to create a wallet
  9. In your Chrome browser, connect your Ledger device and launch the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app
  10. Click on "Receive" and copy the Zcash address
  11. In the Zcash Desktop GUI wallet, make a sending transaction to this address to recover your coins