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My Nano S screen is stuck on "Update" display

If your Nano S screen is stuck on displaying "Update", it means that something - probably a network failure - blocked the update procedure before it achieved.

Please follow this guide to fix your issue: 

  1. In your Chrome browser go to chrome://extensions
  2. Click on the bin beside the Ledger Manager to uninstall it
  3. Go to
  4. Download the file and extract it
  5. Restart the Chrome browser
  6.  In chrome://extensions/ , activate the "Developer mode" in the top right corner
  7.  When it appears, click on "Load unpacked extension"
  8.  Download the extracted "chrome-app" folder
  9.  Once installed, launch this new application
  10. Connect your Nano S
  11. In this new Ledger Manager launched, go to "Firmwares"
  12. then click on the "Firmware" grey button
  13. And follow the instruction on the device to achieve the update
  14.  Once everything is done, uninstall this custom application on Chrome extensions and desactivate the Developper mode
  15.  Re-install the Ledger Manager application on