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My transaction is verifying for long time

There are several steps to verify and validate a transaction before it is tracked as irrevocable on the Blockchain. You can consult our dedicated article. The validation of a transaction on a Ledger device should be immediate, or take few seconds. 

Your wallet seems to hardly verify or validate a transaction?
The validation of your transaction seems to take too much time?

  • Such an issue generally occurs when you have received mined coins on your hardware wallet. These specific funds, also called "dust payments", saturates the validation process, and should explain the unexpected length to verify or synchronize. 
    If you do receive mined coins, please consult this page
  • If you don't receive mined coins, you can try to:
    - disconnect and reconnect your device
    - check that you do not have any firewall or security which would block our servers
    - uninstall and reinstall your Chrome app