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"Transaction rejected" on Ethereum wallet


If you see the "Transaction failed / Transaction rejected by the server" error message on the Ledger Wallet Ethereum application, it means that your transaction can't be validated for some reason. It may be:

  • because another application launched on your computer avoid the Ledger Wallet application to work properly (like Mist, Geth, Parityn Electrum, etc.)
    => Kill all the other applications running at the same time, reboot your PC, disconnect your Ledger device and try again.

  • due to too low gas fees
    => set your gas options in the advanced settings

  • because your transaction was sent to a contract address
    => this kind of transactions is not supported by Ledger devices

If the issue persists, please try again to send this same transaction using MyEtherWallet instead of the Ledger Wallet application following this guide