Troubleshoot the Bitcoin wallet

Devices compatibility: Nano S, Blue, Nano, HW1, Unplugged

 Table of contents:

  1. Accessing and opening the Bitcoin Chrome application
  2. The Bitcoin Chrome application does not open 
  3. The Bitcoin Chrome application does not synchronize (balance, transaction history issues)
  4. The Ledger Bitcoin Chrome application settings


Open the Ledger Bitcoin Wallet  

To open the Ledger Bitcoin Chrome application you need:

  • a computer with the Ledger Bitcoin Chrome application installed on your Chrome browser (Linux, Windows or Mac). If you didn't install yet, you can download it here.
  • a Ledger device: Nano, HW.1, Nano S or Blue.Without the device, the app won't launch. With Nano S and Blue, you also need to open the Bitcoin app on your device. To install the Bitcoin app Nano S or Blue, please install the Ledger Manager
Once these apps are installed you need to:
  1. Launch the Ledger Bitcoin Chrome application on your computer
  2. Connect your Ledger device and enter your PIN code
  3. Open your Bitcoin application on the Ledger device itself (required for Nano S and Blue)
  4. Disable the "Browser support" setting of this application (only required for Ledger Blue)
  5. Launch the Bitcoin Chrome app in your Chrome browser, go to chrome://apps/, there you'll find all the extensions you installed
  6. select the Bitcoin chain (if you want to know what the other chains are for, please consult this article about the Bitcoin fork)
  7. Select "Legacy" if you want to use the historic Bitcoin branch, or "Segwit" if you want to use the branch released in August 2017. If you do not know which branch to select, consult this article.
  8. Your Bitcoin wallet opens

If the Ledger Bitcoin Wallet does not open

When you launch the Ledger Bitcoin Chrome application on your computer a message prompts: "To begin, connect and unlock your Ledger Wallet".


It means that you are required to connect your Ledger device to open the application. If your Bitcoin application does not launch from Chrome, first shut down all other Ledger Chrome extensions.

Ledger Nano S

Make sure you have updated your device to the latest firmware.

Ledger Blue

  1. open the Bitcoin application on the device
  2. tap on the top left menu
  3. disable the "browser support" by taping on it to make the slider displayed in grey

Ledger Nano or HW.1

  • disconnect and reconnect your device
  • kill the application and launch it again
  • update your device by going on and follow the instructions - take care to have your correct 24 words not to lose your funds

Other solutions

  • uninstall and reinstall the Bitcoin Chrome application
  • uninstall and reinstall your Bitcoin app on your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue
  • try with another USB cable
  • try on another USB port
  • try on another computer (see compatibility)


If balance or transactions seem incorrect

When you launch the Bitcoin Chrome application and connect your Ledger device, your wallet synchronizes before opening. It can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

  • If the wallets takes too long to synchronize or does not open at all, it means that the Ledger API or the blockchains experience network issues.
  • If the Ledger wallet opens, the information displayed on the application can not be up-to-date, some transactions may be missing, and creating new transactions might not work.
  • If all your transactions are confirmed on the blockchain, but your Bitcoin balance does not reflect the right total amount, with a false or a null sum, it must be a temporary display or server issue.

Your funds are safe. Check the status of your accounts on blockchains explorers.

Try to:

  • Disconnect and reconnect your device
  • Check that you do not have any firewall or security program which would block our servers
  • Refresh your wallet by clicking on the circle arrows on the top right corner, near your balance
  • Reset your Chrome app by clicking on Settings > Tools > Reset application data




  1. In your Chrome browser go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Click on the bin below "Ledger Wallet Bitcoin"
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the "Add to Chrome" blue button and launch it again


Application settings

In your Ledger Wallet Chrome application, you can set several options to customize your application in the "SETTINGS" tab: how to change the language, the currency countervalue, the blockchain explorer, etc.

Here you can also find some advanced tools we describe below.




You can set the default unit of how your Bitcoin values are displayed 
- in BTC (unit = 1 Bitcoin)
- in mBTC (unit = 0,001 Bitcoin)
- in bits (unit =  0,000 001 Bitcoin)


Here you can select the FIAT / national currency to display the countervalue of your Bitcoins. Ledger Wallet countervalue is based on openexchangerate and coinmarketcap rates.


Interface language
Select in the scroll menu the language in which you need to display your application.

This parameter could be used to improve the translation of your page depending on the region where your language is spoken.




This option can be used to set the minimum blockchain confirmations required  to hide the "unconfirmed" mention in the operation list, from 1 up to 6 confirmations.


You can select here which category of fees you want to set by default when you send a transaction: low, medium or high. This fees rate can also be manually edited in the "SEND" tab each time you make a transaction.

Click here to know more about these fees.


You can select here the Blockchain explorer you want to track your transactions on the blockchain.






  • BitID

Beta app to connect with Bitcoin (for advanced users).



  • Reset application data

Click and confirm to force your Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome application to reload Blockchain information. It can be useful for example if your wallet does't display your last operations, or display a wrong balance.

  • Pay with Chrome app by default

This option allows you to set your Ledger Wallet as your default payment wallet. Click on it to be redirected on the Bitcoin payment registering link 

  • Diagnostic

If this setting is ON (green slider), your logs will be sent by default to the customer support when you send a message from the "HELP" tab of your application.

If this setting is OFF (grey slider), your logs will not be sent.

  • Stored Logs

Set on green the diagnostic slider, click on export and save the file when you are asked to send your logs by the customer support.

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