Claim BCH after the fork


  • By selecting MAIN you'll see and manage your BCH through the old HD path of Bitcoin (0'). This is the most simple way to manage your coins, as your BCH are already there. But it could also be more simple, so more tempting, for possible future malicious attacks.

  • By selecting SPLIT you'll see and manage your BCH through the new HD path of Bitcoin Cash (145'). It will require you to make a transaction from the MAIN account to the SPLIT account (you'll have to spend some fees). But it could also be safer as you'll have new keys for this particular account.

It is up to you: you can then choose to transfer from one path to another at your convenience - nothing is mandatory. This choice is done as an additional protection layer against scammers that could lure you into transacting on the wrong chain.



Before doing anything, you should read this FAQ topic to understand how the fork works.


If you own a Nano or a HW.1, you'll first have to update the firmware (see this non-official tutorial) and can skip steps 1 and 2. If you have a Nano S you may have to update, see this topic.

  1. Install the Bitcoin Cash wallet from the Ledger Manager on your Ledger device (if the Ledger Manager says that no more space is available please delete other wallets, you won't lose any funds)
  2. Open the Bitcoin Cash wallet on your Ledger device (only required on Nao S and Blue)
  3. Launch the Bitcoin Chrome App 
  4. Click on "Settings" and "Blockchains" to choose which Bitcoin chain you want to use.
  5. Select the Bitcoin Cash chain 
  6. Select the "Split" wallet
  7. Click on the "Receive" tab (down pointing arrow)
  8. Copy the BCH address displayed, under the QR code
  9. Click on "Settings" => "Blockchains" => "Bitcoin Cash"
  10. Select the "Main" wallet
  11. Click on the "Send" tab 
  12. Click on MAX to send all your BCH
  13. Paste the BCH address you have just copied from the "Split" wallet
  14. Click on "Send" and confirm on your Ledger device after having checked all the details displayed are right

If you are having some issues after the split, you can refer to this FAQ

There are also some non-official videos shot by some Ledger customers that could help you follow our tutorials:

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