How to use the BitID app?

BitID is a passwordless way to login on a website. Rather than using an email and a password, BitID uses your Ledger Wallet to sign a challenge and identify yourself.

To better understand how it works, the best way is to test it.

Got to and click on the "Sign me in with my Bitcoin address" button:

Then select the Ledger Wallet tab and click on "Login with your Ledger Wallet" button:

It will open the Ledger Chrome app. Insert your Nano and enter your PIN. Once the wallet is initialized, you will see a login confirmation dialog:

When the signature has been calculated, click on the "Confirm" button and you you'll be logged in on the website!

You can also enter manually a BitID URI by launching BitID directly from apps directory:

If you are curious about how to implement BitID on your website, visit the Github repository.

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