Lost device, PIN code or recovery phrase

Ledger Wallet

In case of the loss, theft, or destruction of your Ledger Wallet - or at any time - you can restore your entire balance either on another Ledger Wallet or on any BIP39 compatible software wallet such as Mycelium thanks to the 24 words you copied on the Recovery Sheet.


These 24 words are paramount, they insure you are the owner of your coins. You must never reveal them, and never lose them. Without the PIN code and the 24 words a thief cannot access your coins.


Watch this video to learn how to restore your wallets.


You can recover your wallet from any wallet supporting the 24-words recovery phrase, compatible with BIP39 wordlist, BIP32BIP44List of compatible wallets to import your Ledger wallet backup:

Ledger Nano

- Ledger HW.1

- Ledger Nano S

- Ledger Blue

- Mycelium (smartphone)

- Bither (smartphone and desktop)

- Coinomi (smartphone)

- MyEtherWallet


If you forget your PIN code

After three invalid attempts, the wallet will reset itself to factory condition, wiping your 24 words recovery phrase (see next section below). You will need to restore your wallet using these 24 words recovery phrase.


Recovery Phrase

It is extremely important not to lose your recovery sheet: you must keep it in a very safe location. If anyone gets access to it (and understands what it is), they can steal all your cryptocurrencies (without the need for your PIN or security card, if you own a Nano/HW.1).

However, if you were to lose your recovery sheet, you need to immediately transfer your entire balance to a temporary wallet. Then reset the Nano and create a new seed. Once done, transfer back your balance to your Ledger Wallet.

You can find a PDF of the Recovery Sheet template below

- Recovery Front Nano S EN V4.pdf

- 200 KB Download

- Recovery Back Nano S EN V4.pdf

- 1 MB Download


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