Reconfigure Fido U2F after update

The Fido U2F app on your Ledger device maintains an internal counter that changes each time you use Fido U2F to login on a third party service. After a firmware update, all apps have to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, this means that the counter is reset and you will not be able to login using the Fido U2F app on your device before reconfiguring the services you use it on:

  1. Please use an alternative means of logging in onto the services you want to access (authenticator app / one time password / request a password reset link by email).
  2. Once logged in, go into the (security) settings of the services on which you use Fido U2F. Then, remove Fido U2F with your Ledger device as a method of authentication.
  3. Re-register your device as authentication method.
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