Add existing accounts

Accounts of crypto assets that you already own and manage with your Ledger device, can be added as existing accounts to your Ledger Live application. They will then appear in the accounts list and be added to your total balance.

Before you begin

  • Check on your device that the right crypto asset app is installed.
    Example: to add Bitcoin accounts, make sure that the Bitcoin app is installed.


  1. On the left panel, click the   icon to add accounts.
  2. Type or click the drop-down list to choose the crypto asset of the account to add.
  3. Click Next
  4. Connect and unlock your device, open the app of the selected crypto asset.
  5. Click Next. Ledger Live will check in the blockchain if your Ledger device manages any existing accounts. These are then displayed.
  6. In the Select existing accounts section, make sure the account(s) to add are check-marked. Choose a name for the account(s) to add.
  7. Click Add account(s).


You've successfully added your account to Ledger Live. On the left panel, click on the account you added to view its details. Check the following articles to learn how to:

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